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Serving Reno, Carson City, and the surrounding area, Gradex is a local company built on our employees who have worked hard to deliver high quality products on time since 1995. The respect earned by doing so is an important part of our professional satisfaction. We are a building partner looking to work with the area’s best owners and contractors. We've focused our primary projects on commercial and industrial site preparation, including excavation, grading, underground utilities and asphalt paving. A significant portion of our contract work is in the public works sector, with a long history of partnerships with various public agencies and departments. Gradex also takes on smaller projects. We invite interested parties with a need for site work and utility services to experience our integrity.

Our Services

underground utilities
Site utilities including sewer, storm drain, water, electrical, and gas utilities are all within our wheelhouse.

Asphalt Paving
From driveways, to roads, to parking lots, we can pave your project and provide a high-quality product at the best value.

Excavation and Grading
We have the people and machines to tackle large and small excavation, grading, and general site preparation work.

CAS AT7 Material Slinger
We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking addition to our service portfolio that promises to revolutionize material distribution.

Our Careers
At Gradex, our best asset is our people. We are always looking for highly motivated individuals who are looking to learn and work hard. We put safety at the forefront of everything we do and want to ensure that our people have the best training and equipment available. If you’re looking to join a local, growing company with opportunities to learn and advance, Gradex is the right place!


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