CAS AT7 Material Slinger

In the realm of construction services, innovation is the driving force that transforms possibilities into reality. At Gradex Construction, we are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking addition to our service portfolio that promises to revolutionize material distribution and enhance project efficiency – the CAS AT7 Material Slinger.

As a forward-thinking construction company, we are constantly seeking ways to elevate our offerings and provide our valued clients with the best tools for their projects. Our commitment to innovation has led us to acquire the advanced CAS AT7 Material Slinger, a game-changing piece of equipment that offers a multitude of benefits for a wide range of construction applications.

What sets the CAS AT7 Material Slinger apart is its exceptional capability to distribute various materials swiftly, precisely, and with unparalleled efficiency. From gravel, topsoil, dirt, and bedrock to sand and beyond, this cutting-edge equipment can transport these materials to almost any location required for your project. The secret behind its efficiency lies in its 14’’ wide conveyor, which ensures the seamless movement of materials, reducing downtime and enhancing overall project productivity.

The versatility of the CAS AT7 Material Slinger extends beyond its primary functions. We understand that every construction project is unique and often requires specialized tasks. That’s why we offer the flexibility of attaching additional accessories to the AT7 for trench bedding work. This adaptability empowers our clients to address a wide spectrum of construction needs, all while benefiting from the same high levels of precision and efficiency that define the CAS AT7.

As a testament to our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation, Gradex Construction proudly stands as the sole provider of the CAS AT7 Material Slinger in northern Nevada. This exclusive offering showcases our dedication to providing our clients with access to cutting-edge technology that sets their projects apart from the rest.

We understand that convenience and ease of operation are paramount to any successful construction project. That’s why the CAS AT7 Material Slinger is fully remote-controlled, giving you the freedom to manage material distribution with precision from a distance. Additionally, with a remarkable hopper capacity of 7 yards, you can tackle larger-scale projects with confidence, knowing that the CAS AT7 can handle the workload efficiently.

To make this innovative service accessible and convenient, the CAS AT7 Material Slinger will be available for rental, operated by our team of skilled professionals at Gradex Construction. For detailed information on its capabilities, hourly rates, and to explore how this cutting-edge technology can seamlessly integrate into your projects, we invite you to contact us at 775-331-1070.

Innovation is the cornerstone of progress, and at Gradex Construction, we are committed to propelling your construction projects to new heights of excellence. The CAS AT7 Material Slinger is more than a piece of equipment – it’s a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional service and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the construction industry.

Experience the future with the CAS AT7 Material Slinger. Your projects deserve nothing less than the best, and with this innovative solution, we are poised to redefine construction efficiency and project success.

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