Since 1995, Gradex has been a licensed, insured, and bonded Class A General Contractor in the State of Nevada. We cover the Reno, Carson City, and surrounding areas providing best-in-class site work. Our services include excavation, trenching, grading, and misc. earthworks. Site utilities, including sewer, storm drain, domestic water, irrigation, fire protection, gas, power, and communication are our specialty. In addition, we provide asphalt paving services from driveways to roadways to parking lots.

underground utilities
Site utilities including sewer, storm drain, water, electrical, and gas utilities are all within our wheelhouse.

Asphalt Paving
From driveways, to roads, to parking lots, we can pave your project and provide a high-quality product at the best value.


Excavation and Grading
We have the people and machines to tackle large and small excavation, grading, and general site preparation work.

CAS AT7 Material Slinger
We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking addition to our service portfolio that promises to revolutionize material distribution.

Other Services
As a Class A General Engineering Contractor, we can tackle a wide variety of projects as a Subcontractor or a General Contractor. In addition to our larger projects, Gradex keeps small crews available for a wide variety of services; such as repair projects, driveway paving, sewer and water pipe repair, and various small excavation tasks. We are ready to get the job done.

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